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Can I call you day or night?

Yes.  We monitor our phones day and night.  If we are busy, leave a message or email us.  If there is an urgency, let us know in the message. Otherwise, we will be sure to get back with you within 24 hours.

Do you need to visit my facility to use your chemical?

In most cases, NO.  Our office contact service people have seen 100s and 1000s of boiler rooms and can typically respond appropriately with your description and/or with pictures.  We are glad to service you at a distance.

Does RTA Water Treatment sell chemicals for wood boilers?

We blend all kinds of chemicals for application to boilers and cooling systems , along with some waste treatment.  All chemical produced is designed for commercial and industrial applications.  However, our closed system treatment is applied appropriately to wood boilers since the application is the same.  Though a separate department handles the residential application you can order it from this site.  The  RTA price is $38.00/gal, usually sold in 5 gal containers. Pricing for Commercial/industrial applications is less, since the volume purchased is typically greater.  Please contact us for pricing.  Shipping costs are paid by the buyer.  Contact us at this website and tell us what you want. Contact us

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