Results and Assurances

Quality… Expect Nothing Less.    This page, Results and Assurances, includes miscellaneous items which are all individually important.  A quick explanation of what RTA Water Treatment offers and supplies in each category is included below.

 SDS- Safety Data Sheet

You have our assurance that SDS are shipped with the original shipment of chemicals, updated as needed, and furnished to customers regularly.

Product Quality AssuranceassurancesPic

The highest quality chemicals are used for RTA formulations, including the best polymers and corrosion inhibitors, regardless of cost.

Product Efficiency And Use

Previously used products from other companies will normally be utilized. Empty drums from RTA are returnable and will be picked up at delivery.

 Regulatory Agencies

All products recommended meet requirements of any regulatory agencies.

800 Emergency Number

As required by the D.O.T., RTA uses an emergency response number which is manned 24 hours a day.


RTA is fully covered by insurance with workman’s comprehensive, general liability and product liability insurance.


RTA guarantees the effectiveness of the program. If your equipment scales up and cleaning is required, the company will clean it at no cost to you.

The RTA Goal Is Your Complete Assurance and Satisfaction that all is well.